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Why Me?

I am a Certified Trainer in Nonviolent Communication (since 2008) and from 2023 an Assessor for the Center for Nonviolent Communication. In addition I am trained as a Solution Focus Coach.

I work across cultures with individuals, couples, teams and organisations with a particular focus on building relationships through high quality interpersonal communication. 

I’m constantly learning from him how to be a better team coach and a better human being. His deep perspectives and his considerate way of voicing them always helped me to improve my understanding of myself and others … he was a true inspiration for all of our team coaches.


I enjoy the clarity of his thoughts, wisdom gathered through many experiences in his work, humour and utter attentiveness to people when working as a trainer and coach.
I fully recomment individuals and organizations to work with him, as I trust they will all benefit immensely.

Robert Maoz

I highly appreciate Ian’s communication skills. He knows how to come straight to the point also in delicate situations in a very respectful way. He is highly professional and makes things happen. With his optimistic and very supportive way it has always been fun to work with him.

Dr. Petra