This intensive, life changing programme provides you measurable improvements in the relationships that matter most to you, plus an immersion in Nonviolent Communication . We offer a unique approach to learning combining training, live application of the learning and continuous support throughout the programme and beyond. When you sign up for Extraordinary Relationships you are joining more than a training programme – you are joining a group of people each committed to helping each other learn how to build the kind of relationships you have dreamed of.

Through the programme you will gain significant insights into a selection of relationships in your life and apply those insights with immediate results. 

You will learn about:

Yourself – your triggers; the meaning of your emotional signals; how to change your reactions; ask for what you need; stay connected to yourself even in difficult moments. 

People who matter to you – what their needs are; what they really mean and want from you; contribute to their enjoyment of life; support them in moments of crisis. 

The Communication ‘Dance’ – create a deeper quality of connection and mutual understanding; resolve differences and conflicts in ways that are good for all; give high impact feedback; maintain dialogue at all times. 

Enjoying Life – connect to the power you and others have to make life wonderful; celebrate life; communicate your gratitude and appreciation.

Workshop Dates

September 27th, 2024
Understanding Yourself 

November 1st, 2024
Speaking your Truth

November 29th, 2024
Hearing Others

December 20th, 2024
From Conflict to Connection

January 17th, 2025
Compassion and Self Care

February 14th, 2025
Integration and Moving Forward

Times are 10:00 to 17:00 (Romania time). The number of learning hours will be an average of around 4 hours per week over a 6 month period. Language of the programme is ENGLISH.

The programme counts as 6 days with a Certified Trainer.

6 Live workshops

Each online workshop runs Friday 10:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 17:00 EET (Romania time). They are interactive and include exercises and interactions to give you insights, raise your awareness, and provide opportunities to rehearse situations.

All workshops are recorded and available only to participants


Specially prepared to include core ideas and practices in the form of videos and articles for you to use and refer to at your own pace.  


To practice and quickly build the core skill of empathic listening while getting regular support and space to think, feel and connect.

progress meetings

Meetings of 1 hour to share progress and get support in moving forward. These are offered between each workshop. 


3 optional individual sessions of 1 hour with one of the trainers to explore and get dedicated support for your own unique situations.

You will learn how to:

  • better understand your inner dynamics 
  • self regulate your reactions
  • make better choices in your response to others
  • say ‘no’ without harming the relationship
  • deepend your uunderstanding of loved ones
  • resolve conflicts with more ease
  • identify the source of your inner power
  • ask for what you want
  • free yourself from the harmful effects of anger and guilt
  • more easily find inner peace and joy.

What to Expect

Extraordinary Relationships is built on the principles of Nonviolent Communication  and you will learn the approach in a way that will enable you to immediately apply it in all aspects of your life.

The programme is highly interactive with a lot of exercises in small groups and a fcous on learning together. For this reason, the number of places is limited to 16 people. 

Language of the programme is ENGLISH.

TRAINERS – Ian Peatey and Ștefana Forgaciu

Ian Peatey

Ian was born in UK and has lived in Eastern Europe since 1994 – in Poland and in Romania. In 2001 he came across Nonviolent Communication and immediately experienced its transformative approach to life, self and relationships. He has been an internationally Certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) since 2008 and, together with Monica Reu (his wife), set up the Romanian Association for Nonviolent Communication. He is an assessor for CNVC to certify NVC trainers.  

Ștefana Forgaciu

Ștefana has been a trainer of outdoor camps and programs since 2012, guiding both adults and children towards discovering their inner resources and unique gifts through playful exploration, experiential learning, and non-formal education. Since 2020, she has been increasingly integrating Nonviolent Communication into her professional endeavors, with the goal of nurturing tenderness, empathy and deeper bonds in interpersonal connections. Ștefana is living in Romania and is currently pursuing certification as a trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication in the USA.


We want our programme to be accessible to all and at the same time make sure we can sustain this work financially. We really wish money to serve us and not get in the way of you accessing our work. 

As you know better your level of income, we ask that you choose a price that works for you, from three possible prices. You will receive exactly the same programme no matter the price you choose:

in EURO €750 or €600  or €450                             
or in RON 3,720 lei or 3,000 lei  or 2,250 lei

You can pay a single payment or 
in 4 instalments (at a slightly higher total price). See the registration form for more details . For an optional package of 3 individual sessions we ask for an additional €180 (900 lei)

If the lowest price is still more than you can afford, then please contact us and we are confident we will find a solution together.  EMAIL