4 Month Intensive NVC Programme
Starts 18th March 2023

Extraordinary Intimate Relationships is dedicated to your relationship with your teenage children. 

It is an intensive and life changing programme providing you measurable improvements in your relationships, plus an immersion in Nonviolent Communication. We offer a unique approach to learning combining traininglive application of the learning and continuous support throughout the programme and beyond.

Sign-up for the course as parents or on your own. Either way you are joining more than a training programme – you are joining a group of people each committed to helping each other learn how to build the kind of relationship you have dreamed of with your teens.

Through the programme you will gain significant insights into yourself and relationships and be able to apply those insights with immediate results. By the end of the 5 months you will notice clear progress in transforming your relationship.

Why Teens?

The teenage years mark the transition from childhood into adulthood. As such it can be a challenging period for both parents and kids. 

Both Oana and Ian are parents of teenage kids and have found this crucial period needs a high level of skill and awareness to maintain the relationship. 

You will learn about

Yourself – your triggers; your emotional signals and what they mean; how to change your reactions; ask for what you need; stay connected to yourself even in difficult moments, how you like to give and receive love.

Your Partner – what their needs are; what they really mean and want from you; contribute to their enjoyment of life; support them in moments of crisis.

The Communication ‘Dance’ – create a deeper quality of connection and mutual understanding; resolve differences and conflicts in ways that are good for all; give high impact feedback; maintain dialogue at all times.

Enjoying Life – connect to the power you have to make life wonderful; celebrate your life together; communicate your gratitude and appreciation; honour the love between you.

What to Expect

There are several, interrelated elements to the programme which build into a powerfully integrated approach to learning.

Extraordinary Relationships is built on the principles of Nonviolent Communication  and you will learn the approach in a way that will enable you to immediately apply it to your relationship with your teenage kids – and in all aspects of your life.

The online elements use the Zoom platform. To participate you will need access to a computer or tablet with a camera, plus a reliable internet connection. The programme is highly interactive with a lot of exercises in small groups and whole group discussions. For this reason, the number of places is limited to 16 people. 

The number of learning hours will average around 3-4 hours per week over a 4 month period.

Language of the programme is ENGLISH.

Materials and Videos

includes core ideas and practices for you to use and refer to at your own pace.

Coaching Sessions

3 sessions with a trainer for dedicated support for your own unique situation – taken individually or as parents.

Guided Journalling

where you set your goals and track your progress in a form, direction and pace that best suits your individual style.

6 Live Modules (Online)

Each module runs on a Saturday and comprises 6 hours of live workshops 10:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 17:00 (UTC+2 /+3). The modules will also be recorded. 

March 18th 2023  
Understanding Yourself  
April 8th 2023  
Speaking Your Truth 
May 6th 2023  
Hearing Your Child
May 20th 2023  
Connecting through Conflict
June 10th 2023  
Compassion for All
July 1st 2023  
Integration and Moving Forward

Coaching Circles

in smaller groups to learn together and inspire each other.

Listening Partner

to practice and build the skill of empathic listening while getting regular support and space to think.

Clarify Goals

An intitial meeting with a trainer to help you clarify your goals for joining the programme

TRAINERS – Oana Ragalie and Ian Peatey

Oana Ragalie

Oana has been studying and practicing Nonviolent Communication for over 3 years and is aiming to complete her Trainer Certification in 2021. She worked for more than 10 years in the financial system, in sales, strategy and business development and chose to leave corporate life to concentrate on activities which allow her to meaningfully and joyfully contribute to the world. She is happy to bring her corporate experience into managing European funded projects through Asociația pentru Comunicare Nonviolentă and spread the benefits of NVC (empathy, conflict management, connection and compassionate communication) all over Romania.

Ian Peatey

Ian was born in UK and has lived in Eastern Europe since 1994 – in Poland and in Romania. In 2001 he came across Nonviolent Communication and immediately experienced its transformative approach to life, self and relationships. He has been an internationally Certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication since 2008 and, together with Monica Reu (his wife), set up the Romanian Association for Nonviolent Communication. He designed and developed Extraordinary Relationships based on extensive experience working as a trainer and coach. 


We want our programmes to be accessible to all and at the same time make sure we can sustain this work.

The price for the course is €765 (3,785 RON) or €1,175 (5,815 RON) if joining with both parents.   

This can be paid either in one sum on registration or in installments (for a small extra cost) – see registration form below for more details.

We don’t want money to get in the way of you participating and working on your most important relationships. If the programme price is more than you can afford, then please contact us and we are confident we will find a solution together.  EMAIL 


Here is what some of our previous participants said about the Extraordinary Relationships:

Some of my inner fights are related to find ways to live more in the present, not to judge the others or to criticize myself. Starting to interiorize NVC, I have found easier to live more now and here. This brought to me more connection with simplicity and beauty of life. It has been life changing



Extraordinary relationships was for me a solid structure for practice of NVC. Starting from daily journaling, which became my best self-discovery tool ever, continue to the few empathy buddies while offering us space to be vulnerable and open. And of course the live sessions guided by the trainers .



The combination of plenty of practical exercises with individual coaching and hands-on course material provided me with lots of opportunities for practice and personal growth. 

I feel thrilled how fast the practice of NVC has helped me to improve my relationship.



Mona and Ian are great facilitators and two beautiful human beings who live the method and show they have done a lot of work on themselves. The bonds created in the group in this programme are deep. I would encourage anyone who wants to give themselves a great gift to join this programme.