We are all used to handling day to day changes and have developed skills and approaches so we can easily make small adjustments to adapt to emerging circumstances. There are also changes that have a big impact on our life, maybe even changing the whole direction of our imagined future. Here support and new approaches can be useful in helping us navigate more easily and smoothly. 

This 1 day training will give you some tools to help you navigate these new paths and better understand and handle the upheaval these changes can bring. These situations might be outside your control and you didn’t choose, such as a death in the family, losing a job, a divorce, a health diagnosis or a financial crisis. They could also be things you have chosen or things you are excited about such as a new job, the birth of a child, getting married, moving home, moving to another country or getting a promotion. 

Each such change comes with a variety of emotions such as excitement, sadness, fear, anger, shock, surprise or numbness. They also ask of us to adapt our lives, often in unexpected ways, to make the best of these new circumstances.

During this day you will get a chance to explore a life change of your own and get some insights into how to support yourself in navigating life’s changes. The training will be based on Nonviolent Communication and the work of William Bridges.  

The course will run from 09:00 to 17:00 CEST (Paris time zone) and you will need a laptop/tablet and a decent internet connection.

Who You Are 

You want some tools and skills to help you deal with a current life change or to be better prepared for your next life change. 

What You Will Learn 

  • Three stages of handling change
  • Giving space for feelings and emotions
  • Connecting to needs
  • Making small steps of progress


We want to make our work accessible to all, and at the same time take care of our financial sustainability so we can continue this work. You know better than us how much money you have access to, so we ask you to choose from three prices:  €155 or €125 or €95. 

If the lower price is more than you can afford, please contact us and we are confident we will find a solution together.

TRAINER: Ian Peatey

Ian is a British NVC certified trainer (living in Romania) and is also active in the role of assessor for CNVC. 

“I have long been interested in how to move through relationships, jobs and country changes in a healthy way – having experienced all of these. Turning 60 last year, the insights I gained, and the practice of NVC have supported me consciously embrace ageing and navigating the large periods of my life. I am passionate about supporting people through challenge and change and I’m delighted to be offering this work together with Dionne”

TRAINER: Dionne Verbeet

Dionne is a Dutch NVC certified trainer and is active in the role of assessor for CNVC.

“Stimulated by my divorce in 2019 and illnesses of family members, I became very aware of the benefits of going through life changes in a far more conscious way than I had done before. Combining NVC consciousness with Bridges’ work, has been supporting me in both navigating current life changes and exploring the richness of previous ones, such as my various job and country changes. I enjoy sharing my fascination with others.”